1. What type of book is this? The Novel Corona Cookbook is a hybrid. Part history, part cookbook, part Covid-19 memento. All heart, it is your chance to help save an iconic restaurant as well as stimulate the economy.

2. What all is being offered for purchase? The American Dream. Really, your purchase gets you a gift certificate for the scrumptious Mexican Jerk Tenderloin along with a Corona® beer to be enjoyed INSIDE the Historic Northside Café. The history, cookbook, and memoir is like our gift to you to help sustain our restaurant, staff, and an industry.

3. Can I purchase this in store? Not yet.

4. Is it available on Amazon? We have decided to hold off selling on Amazon during the first phase of this project. While they are an amazing channel for sales, the margins do not work for with our want to help other businesses.

5. Can I donate without purchasing?  No, while we appreciate the offer of support and a donation, we are a “For-profit” business. We believe in a free market exchange of good or services for a fair price.  If you have the ability to donate, we would ask you choose a “501(c)” in your local area to assist.  

6. How are profits from the book being utilized? First 30k books sold goes to saving our historic 144-year-old restaurant. Every 1,000 books after that goes toward a $5k check to help another mom and pop restaurant across our great country.

7. How are profits from merchandise being utilized? We have other awesome businesses and museums in our Small Town, America. Proceeds will go toward strengthening them during this unprecedented time.

8. What do you charge for shipping? Shipping cost are figured via the store calculator based on weight of items, your zip code, and type of shipping you select.

9. What if my product is damaged while shipping? Use our contact button so we can set things right for you.

10. When will my order ship or how long does preorder take? Great question. The way this self-publishing thing works is that the more books pre-ordered the faster this “novel” book gets sent to you. Share the link with your family and friends and acquaintances. The sooner people help us the faster you will be cooking! Could be 8-12 weeks or sooner. We promise it won’t feel as long as the lockdown.

11. Do you ship outside the United States? Right now, our sales will be in CONUS only. We are working now to get global distribution.